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One Solution is a global change movement run by Mara Gleason and Eirik Grunde Olsen, running grassroots projects in Chicago, Palestine and Israel, and work in partnership with projects in Florida and Sweden. These projects demonstrate how to solve chronic violence, conflict, intolerance, crime, and poor school performance by teaching a new understanding of the mind that increases mental resilience and changes the thinking that drives those issues. 

All of these projects are designed to solve global problems by addressing them in the mind.

Each year, One Solution run an international conference in partnership with the UN to try to tackle some of the biggest problems the world is currently facing.

At Mental Wellbeing In Schools, we found this project so inspiring that we decided to recreate this event in our work at the Hertfordshire & Essex High School with a group of 30 Year 7 students. They presented their work in a conference setting to the rest of their year group in July 2017.