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New School Year, New Blog


Welcome to the Mental Wellbeing in Schools blog.

In this first blog, I’ll just outline what we are intending to do and what this platform offers people.

My name is Ed Anthony, I’m an ex-History teacher from Hertfordshire. In 2016, I had some life-changing realisations that had a huge impact on the experience I had of my job.

I was working with a coach in the USA who taught me a new form of wellbeing education. This blew apart all of my insecurities and misunderstandings about life.

  • I lost 80% of my work-related stress

  • I found it easier to connect to students who were struggling or very challenging - behaviour problems stopped causing me stress

  • I started to enjoy marking and planning after years of having a deep loathing for it

  • Report writing became fun and I was able to significantly improve my students academic performance

  • I felt properly connected to my fiancé in term time and slept properly

Essentially, what I found was a deep experience of happiness and fulfilment.

The aim of this blog is to help guide you towards this end because you are no different from me. This platform aims to offer you a new way of looking at teaching, people, yourself and life in general.

If you have any questions, or would like me to write about a specific topic, please email me via the website and I’ll do my best to respond.